My Gay Travel Experience – Jerusalem – Israel

Jerusalem – Wednesday November 26th, 2014 – Time: 18:47

Shalom Jerusalem!

After about 45 minutes by taxi from Ben Gurion International Airport  (Airport is located halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv) arrived at my first destination in Israel, Jerusalem. It was not the best day to arrive because it was pouring rain, and remained so throughout my stay in the city. A shame, because it was difficult to appreciate the beauty of a city when you are dipping your best shoes. But even so, I think that Jerusalem is a very interesting city. It is not surprising why so many travellers and pilgrims come to Jerusalem to visit this city because it has different holy places for different religions, and all living in harmony (or at least that is what I felt). I must admit that the place that I was most excited to visit on this trip was the Wailing Wall. Holy and sacred place to the Jewish community. It is hard to imagine so many history would have seen pass in front and so many desires that people have requested. I wanted to touch the wall like many others before to pray or ask God for help writting our desires on pieces of paper. I wanted to see if I could feel something being in front of this sacred place.

I didn’t read much about what travellers can visit in the city, unusual for me, but I did not care too much because I knew that I was accompanied by our friends from OUTstanding Travel during my visit to Israel.