My Gay Travel Experience – Dead Sea

Ein Bokek – Thursday November 27th 2014 – Time: 10:29

Last night, before arriving to the hotel, I asked Tiki, our charming guide, the reason for the high salt concentration in the Dead Sea. She told me that as the Dead Sea has no exit to the sea, by water evaporation, salt settles in the funds everyday. This multiplied by years and years, causes the accumulation of salt in the water, and makes impossible any kind of animal life (only a tiny bacterium survives at these levels of salt).

The water of the Dead Sea is known for its healing effects for skin problems and as a beauty treatment. I would not miss this opportunity to float in the Dead Sea while I get a beauty treatment.

Heard that… With a hotel bathrobe and needing an urgent skin treatment I went to the beach.

My Gay Travel Experience – Dead Sea

Before getting into the water, Tiki warn us not to get our heads under water. If we ever did it, we should not open our eyes or mouth. Knowing the levels of salt in the water I can understand the reason.

The water was slightly cooler but I had to go into. I thought it would be warmer as outside temperature was around 23ºC. Inside is difficult to keep the balance, it is almost impossible to stay right. To enjoy the experience: No thinking, just let you go and float. 


Also I could read a newspaper. After finishing the International section I thought I was ready for my treatment.

My Gay Travel Experience – Dead Sea

The previous swim was cleaned and prepared my skin for the next step, the mud. According to the package, Dead Sea Mud contains an unique components making our tired skin recovers. I covered all my skin with a layer of mud, except the face. I waited till it was dried helped by the sun and the breeze.

Once dried, I went into the sea again to remove it gently. When I was cleaned again, I went out. I touched my skin, and the results were much better than I could ever think. I had a skin as soft as a baby. Amazing.


After trying to swim in the Dead Sea and recover my skin, I stopped at the Spa of the Hotel to finish recovering for our next visit.

A great Recovery and Detox Day!