Haifa – Saturday November 29th 2014 – Time: 10:58

Shalom Haifa! 

I was running late. The bus was going to leave without me if I was not at the lobby in 20 minutes. Last night we went out and I went to bed just a few hours ago. A quick shower and packed my backpack for today’s visits. Finally I jumped into the bus on time and everybody were ready to start visiting.

We were heading north of Tel Aviv. An hour later we arrived at our first stop of the day.


Haifa is a coastal town 90 km from Tel Aviv. The city has the nation’s largest natural harbor, and therefore also commercial. Tiki, our guide, told us that Haifa is a city where Jewish and Muslim communities live together in harmony and respect, and considered as a role model for the rest of the country.


But if there is a reason to visit this city is without doubt one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.


All the group was in a circle in front of a high fences that separated us from the gardens when Tiki started telling us why these gardens were declared UNESCO World Heritage in 2008.

Baha'i Gardens - Haifa - Israel

The Baha’i Gardens are an example of perfection and symmetry. Considered one of the most beautiful gardens in the world, and it is not surprising because of its location on the slope of Mount Carmel and built in 19 symmetrical terraces on both sides of the stairway that crosses it.

Baha'i Gardens - Haifa - Israel

Baha’i Gardens is one of two sacred places for the Baha’i religious community. The Baha’i Faith believes in one God who has been giving messages to humanity over time by prophets like Mosses, Jesus or Buddha to achieve a humanity and religions unity. About 8 million persons share these thoughts.

Baha'i Gardens - Haifa - Israel

Baha’i Gardens and the tomb of Mirza Hussein Ali near Acre (30 km north of Haifa) are the two sacred places for Baha’is.

It was wonderful to walk up and down the gardens so perfectly created, where everything was symmetrical to create a paradise on earth. Besides, the city views from the top of the gardens were breathtaking.