My Gay Travel Experience – Israel Museum – Jerusalem

Jerusalem – Wednesday November 26th 2014 – Time: 15:07

We arrived at our next stop during the City Tour of Jerusalem right when I finished uploading a photo to Instagram thanks to the free WIFI from the bus.

In front of the modern building, Tiki said that it was built in 1965 by Russian architect Al Mansfeld. Today home of the…

My Gay Travel Experience – Israel Museum – Jerusalem

During our VIP visit to the museum I saw the large number of works from around 5000 years of history that it can visited at the Museum. Jewels, archeology, painting, sculpture, Jewish history … In a room I saw a set of menorah (7-arm oil candelabrum to celebrate Hanukkah) made in different parts of the world with its own styles.

In each new room I could find very interesting works of art. From Picasso to a collection of African masks, everyone could find its own taste. One room caught my attention, the collection of photographs of Israeli authors. Here I found Untitled (The Last Supper – 1999) by Adi Nes. Quite Homoerotic.

Untitled - The Last Supper by Adi Nes (1999) - Israel Museum - Jerusalem

Before leaving the museum I could not miss its masterpiece, the Dead Sea Scrolls. In a separate conditioned building to keep ideal conditions for conservationing, about 950 scrolls can be found inside. These documents, mostly written in Hebrew, are famous because among them it is found the oldest known manuscript of the Jewish bible, some lost texts from the Bible and descriptions about life in Judea during the time of Jesus. The first scroll was found by a Bedouin boy looking for a lost goat in a cave.

Dead Sea Scrolls - Israel Museum - Jerusalem

 A very interesting collection of art and history. For sure on my next trip to Israel, I will book an entire day to visit properly the Israel Museum.