My Gay Travel Experience – Security – Israel

Watching the news about new terrorist attacks in Israel I was wondering If I would find a safe country during my visit. 

From home, I contacted my country\’s embassy in Israel to check how the situation was. They kindly replied: \”Israel is a very safe country and right now the situation is calm\”. They also indicated me that to keep this security level in the country check points are common in shops, restaurants, shopping malls, airports, … 

With this information I travelled to Israel and I found a totally safe country and at no time had feelings of insecurity, even in Jerusalem. The same feelings that the rest of the travel group had.

Although safety is an important issue when travelling, sometimes it is a pain in the neck. In Israel I could say that for security checkings you can miss a flight at the airport (I nearly missed my flight back). From my point of view is somewhat excessive. You shoul go to the airport with quite enough time in advance if you travel from/to airports in Israel and much more if you are flying with an Israeli airlines, especially ELAL. Get ready for a minimum of 3 controls. I had a control to enter the airport, another control before boarding my luggage and finally the police control before entering to the gates area. In all these controls I was always asked about subjects related to my visit to Israel. The same thing happened to me but less excessive when crossing the land border of Israel from Aqaba in Jordan (Arava Border).


From my experience, I can say that Israel is a safe country to visit and authorities do whatever they need to keep it that way. Also as a tourist you can enter to places where some inhabitants are scared to go due their religion.